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Reverend Richard Bartley

Wow….. Time gets away from you…. I am not very good at writing articles each and every month…. Since the last time I posted an article a lot has happened and Reida and I were able to attend and represent the GLRC at a few regional conferences starting with our own…… in Galesburg, Illinois and had a blast!! What a great weekend! They really know how to plan and throw a party and it was so good to visit with all the friends that we haven’t seen in a long time……. There is so much clutter in our lives that we get caught up in it and forget about all our friends…. For some the Blue Knights becomes an obsession in their lives and to others it is still just a Fraternal Organization where family comes first…….. Congratulations to ILXXVI and their families for all their hard work……..

The next week after Galesburg we boarded the big silver bird and flew to Cocoa Beach and partied like a retired Rock Star…… The night before boarding the “Freedom of the Seas” along with 92 other Blue Knights from around the country for the Blue Knights 40th Anniversary Cruise. What a week we had….. dodging a hurricane……visiting St. Maarten and St. Thomas (Great shopping….Master Card loves us) but most of all it was so much fun spending a whole week getting to know a great bunch of Blue Knights. So many activities to do… scavenger hunt, rock climbing, wake boarding, karaoke, movies, Broadway shows, comedy shows, casino, so much more….. Formal night was great because the head chef of the ship paid a surprise visit (because no one had ever eaten so much) to a certain GLRC table that consumed 10 prime rib dinners and 30 Lobster tails with all the trimmings ……O…….H……I…….O……..

We also attended the Southern Regional Conference in Huntsville Alabama where we saw the lunch stop of the annual “Trail of Tears” ride. The annual Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride commemorates the forced relocation of American Indians in the 1830's where many of them suffered from the elements, starvation, disease, or died (4,000 Cherokees alone died) on the forced march to the designated areas. The 225 mile motorcycle ride begins in Chattanooga Tennessee and ends in Waterloo Alabama. We also learned about how important Huntsville is to the space program.

Then October 10th we attended the Tri-State Conference “Plunder the Booty” weekend in Batavia New York. This was a really fun weekend with certain ladies trading their “shoe shopping” in for “butterfly tattoos” (go figure)….. On Saturday Reida and I had the honor to spend 4 hours at Attica State Prison….. What a learning experience. We talked to one of the guards whose father was killed in the riots – very hard to tell the story… saw a collage of riot photos…. Confiscated weapons galore (swallowed and in x-rays and mounted shadow boxes) … while up on the roof observed the bullet holes in the railings from the .270 rifles of the NY State Police. While observing prisoner movement - - there was no noise… you could hear a pin drop..

As the Holidays quickly approach – I hope that you and your family relax and come together as one. Get a little closer and do some “family stuff” spend some “family time” – love on each other……………… it’s worth it!!!!!

Chappie - Ride With Pride


Last Updated: 26-Aug-2013
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