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Welcome to the Blue Knights® Great Lakes Regional Conference which was formed about 1978. We have been on-line continuously since 1998. We are quite proud we lead the way with a conference website, while Gil Mitchell (our first INTL webmaster) was working on the first International website. Here you will learn more about 'what' we do and 'who' we do it with.  Our Regional Conference joins 6 American States and 1 Canadian Province to represent one of the largest geographical areas in the world.  We virtually surround the Great Lakes!

The Blue Knights® International LEMC is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of 19,000+ active and retired law enforcement officers from around the world who enjoy riding motorcycles. In the Spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers from the Bangor, Maine (USA) area met and formed a small local motorcycle club. Our club has since become an International Organization with about 650 chapters in 11 Conferences world wide.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in joining the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Inc., please feel free to contact us with your information. There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven't met! Not all chapters have a website, but each State has a representative assigned. If you are looking to join, please contact us and we will do our best to advise a chapter closest to you.

General News and Information
Members Section

If you are unable to log into the members section, please ensure you have paid your 2016 dues to HQ. I receive security updates at least once a month.

Conference Dues

Please do not send your conference dues to anyone but our treasurer. You can find this information in our members only section. All chapter Presidents should know the code to access our members only section. If you wish to vote or have a say at our conference business meetings, please bring a copy of your paid dues with you.

GLRC Motion Book update

Our conference 'motion book' is now completed thank you to all those who have looked for minutes to help out.

WANTED - minutes from the missing years of:
1997 - Spring
2002 - Summer
2003 - Spring and Summer

Please visit the members only side of the website to obtain or review this document.


2016 Summer Conference

10'x10' Conference Sales Booth

  • Retailers will be charged $50.00 or provide a door prize of equal or better value.
  • Members selling non Blue Knight sales items will be charged $50.00
  • Chapters wishing to bring along their Blue Knights related (catalogue) articles will receive a FREE sales booth simply by producing your sales permit.

For more information visit our Events page.

Reporting the Death of a Member

RWP If a member of your chapter passes to Heaven I, please notify International using the Heaven I on line form to make the notification.

It is fine to post the death of a member in the Facebook page which provides real time newsworthy items, however it is not the official reporting mechanism.

Web Award

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